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Pushin' Daisies stops raidin and are becoming a social guild.

Jnevdahl, Jan 17, 12 1:29 PM.
I am sorry to inform that me (Fratboy) and Judobearr have decided to put this guild on hold for the time being and look in to other guilds/options. We felt that we were to late on Stormscale to make a strong guild which we were hoping for, and hopefully someday we will reach our goals and dreams with this guild. You are welcome to stay as a social, and both of us will keep on inviting social people.

/ Regards

Fratboy & Judobearr.

Arguments will NOT be Tolerated!

Judobearr, Dec 19, 11 11:21 AM.
Obviously not everyone will get along with each other. There will be disagreements on certain things, in game and on debaits outside of WoW. This is unavoidable. What IS avoidable and will be enforced in our guild, is causing public disputes between guildies. This means, argueing in guild chat, or having fights over whisper. If ANYONE has a problem with another member, or would like too complain for any reason. Take it up with an officer, or the leaders. NOT the person you're complaining about. Thank you for your understanding.

Judobearr ;)
Happy New Year too all Pushin' Daisies!

Hello there. I am Judobearr, And I am allowing this message to be viewed by you as I would like to wish you a good day while browsing our Website! (Also that Chuck Norris allows me too).


If you are considering to applying to our sociably excelling and semi-hardcore raiding guild, there are a couple things you should know before doing so. Too start off with, we are looking for the best of the best too join our guild ranks and raid with us, but, we also look for Skill > Gear. For example, If you are applying to our guild, with good progression through the rest of cataclysm, but lower progress in Firelands/Dragon Soul, you will still be highly considered.

Another thing you should know is that, even if we aren't currently in high demand for your class/spec, Please do still apply as we're always looking for exceptional players too join us.

How to apply to Pushin Daisies:

If you are wanting too apply to join our guild, you are first required too make an account on our website, once it is accepted, you can then fill out and post an application in our forums under "Apply to us!" Copy & paste the stick thread named "Application Template" and fill it out as fully as you can, then wait for a reply.

That's it!... I hope you enjoy our website & I hope too see you in our raid group soon. ;)

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